A Match Made in Nature

Don't Poison To Protect Your Pet

Timeless Style, Uncompromised Quality

Mo + Lo Naturals' Baltic Amber Collars are carefully handcrafted with authentic, lab-tested Baltic Amber imported from Lithuania, high-quality Italian leather, and durable chromed finishes.


Love the sturdy design and that it's a natural flea and tick repellant.

Carah - Sequim, WA

The collar took the inflammation out of my dogs hips! 

Sandra - Maine

I spend a lot of time hiking and being outdoors with my dogs. I love that I don't have to use nasty chemicals to prevent fleas and ticks.

Barbara - Seattle, WA

It works very well as a preventative. Plus my dog seems to like it!

Paul - Santa Cruz, CA

Our Philosophy

Whether we spend our days blazing new hiking trails, strolling around town, lounging on the beach, or binging Netflix on our couch. One thing is for certain: we can always count on our pets to be by our side.

That's why we wanted to bring a chemical-free, holistic solution for safeguarding our pets against fleas and ticks.

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